Every family has a story to tell..

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Heritage should always be rich — and taste this delicious.

It could have been a picnic, a celebration, the sacredness of that big dinner together every Friday night. Basically any story that became part of the family lore, yielding recipes that speak volumes about the family history. As we continue to cook recipes that spur childhood memories, we hope this can evoke a sense of togetherness that spans generations to come.

At Parivar, everyone is considered family — including you. We serve you authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine to make you feel at home, away from home.

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Behind The Kitchen Doors

Our Trained And Professional Culinary Team Has Earned Their Stripes By Continuing To Innovate And Inspire With Each Dish They Prepare.

Parivar is inspired by the illustrious history, culture and traditions of India and Pakistan. We serve you authentic flavours carefully prepared with hand-me-down recipes and a fresh selection of quality-driven ingredients

Together we aim to reignite the sense of occasion with an intimate dining experience for you and your family.

Chef's Recomendation

With each dish, there is new tale to be told and a new taste to discover. Our team of chefs, ambitious and passionate as they are, have especially prepared a number of signature dishes for you to experience

  • Lahori Fried Fish

    A wedding menu favourite, Parivar brings you a twist on the classic Pakistani recipe. Our Lahori Fried Fish is crunchier, spicier and with a lot more punch.

  • Mixed Grill

    A favourite way to elevate a dinner at home involves grilling a selection of meats, paired with condiments and veggies. It’s not a family meal if you are not sharing this classic platter.

  • Jheenga Takatak

    Get transported to the Indian coastal areas: catching fresh, jumbo prawns to cook to perfection; the rhythmic sound of the ingredients being sautéed on the tawa — all coming together for a flavourful, balanced dish.

  • Lahori Kadai Mutton

    Among Pakistan’s many culturally enriched items, the Lahori Kadai Mutton has become the staple dish in every family get-together. It’s tender, juicy and the perfect spicy treat.

  • Veg Thali

    An Indian feast in itself, the traditional thali is assembled with a bouquet of colourful and regional dishes, dips and freshly made roti to mop it all up with.

Why Choose Parivar

100% Fresh

Our chefs only use the finest seasonal ingredients in respect for the integrity of our family recipes.


We showcase the colourful spirit of the subcontinent in each of our dishes to create an unforgettable culinary experience.


Our hospitality-minded employees are trained to provide you gracious and attentive service.


Parivar offers a quality dining experience of comfortable elegance at an affordable range.

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We use our parivar’s time-honoured recipes to bring you a taste of the authentic flavours of South East Asian cuisine. Our entire menu is a nostalgic experience, taking you back home with its signature dishes and wholesome family favourites.

Our team devotedly prepares an abundance of tastes, smells and textures from recipes originating from the length and breadth of South East Asia.
Visit Parivar in Abu Dhabi for a reminiscent and flavour-packed experience.

What They Say

I have always loved trying out Indian food and Parivar has got to be one of my top picks!

Tabi Nazi


You can actually taste the difference in their food – everything from the intoxicating smells to the combination of authentic flavours stands out



Parivar truly makes me feel nostalgic: everything from the rich flavours to the family-driven setting reminds me of home. This is why I always love coming back here.

Sara Afzaal